Refugio El Pilar


  • Refugio El Pilar

    • Town: El Paso
    • Description: The refuge is situated between the Cumbre Nueva and Cumbre Vieja mountain ranges, almost in the centre of the island. It is surrounded by an area of pine forest, at the foot of Pico Birigoyo (1,811 metres).
      This is one of the oldest recreational areas of the island, and very popular among local families as a day out when the weather is good. Its location is ideal as a starting point for the famous Volcano Route, as it is approximately half way along the mountain ridge that divides the island. The Volcano Route , in turn, is part of the well known Baston Trail. You may camp in a tent here for a maximum of 7 days.
    • Access: The surfaced road, about 3 kilometres long, starts from the LP-2 main road, at kilometre 21. This is also as far as you can get by public transport, on the bus from Santa Cruz de La Palma and Los Llanos de Aridane.
    • Facilities: Drinking water, showers, toilets, grills, benches.
    • Accommodation: Free
    • Permit/Authorisation: For use of cooking facilities 1 and 2, north cooking facilities and camping zone, permission required. For free cooking facilities 1, 2 and 3 no authorisation necessary. Interpretation Centre no restriction.
    • Consejería de Medio Ambiente – Umweltamt La Palma (Avenida de los Indianos, 20 [Santa Cruz de La Palma ] – Telefono: 922 423 100)