There are so many reasons to come to La Palma that it is difficult to summarize here. The island is enough attractions to please the lovers of nature, sport, culture, fine dining, shopping and all at once.

La Palma has a privileged nature, which has earned its declaration as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in November 2002. A National Park, 19 nature reserves (representing 35% of its surface), tens black sand beaches and spectacular volcanic landscapes are natural importance of the island. Its smooth and stable climate becomes advisable any time of year.

La Palma is also a privileged place for lovers of adventure and sports activities. By land, sea and air, the island is ideal for visitors who want a closer contact with the outdoors. Among the many offers of active tourism no place for hiking, horse riding, paragliding, mountain biking, diving and boat trips.

But ours is also an island of rich cultural traditions, with centenary celebrations, an extensive network of museums, exquisite craftsmanship heritage, an important architectural heritage and trails used centuries passed. For shopping lovers, La Palma offers interesting opportunities in the form of strip malls and reduced taxation. And finally, the island offers visitors a varied cuisine with influences from Spanish cuisine, Spanish, Creole and even pre-Hispanic.