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About this book

The present volume is a Topoguide*. The term owes its origin to the French word topoguide, employed by the FFRP (Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre) for several decades to designate the guidebooks it publishes on distinct groups of paths.

It is therefore worth stressing that this book is not just another walking guide, but the official topoguide, so to speak, of the Footpath Network of La Palma. And to live up to this claim, its writers have made every effort to create a guidebook which is not restricted to mere route descriptions. Readers could feel justifiably disappointed if that were the case, so route descriptions have been kept short and concise to allow the inclusion of other texts enabling readers and hikers to adopt an interpretative approach to the territory. In other words, our intention has not been to describe La Palma ´s footpaths, but rather to explain what can be seen from and along them. Since all the routes are clearly signposted and marked, it would have been superfluous, and even tedious, to give detailed indications for each path junction in what is often very variable terrain. Instead, reader-hikers can safely follow the route marking while, with the help of this guidebook, their attention is drawn to specific aspects in the surrounding countryside which might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Nevertheless, there are descriptions, albeit brief ones, which were written only after all the footpaths in the Network had been re-walked, so as to give the text freshness. We have tried to give readers the satisfaction of knowing that the writer has stood on the same spot previously.

We hope all those who take this topoguide with them as their walking companion enjoy their hikes and are influenced, however lightly, by the writer´s sincere love of the island.

Text: Inmanol Goicoechea. (Author of La Palma Topoguide)

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