Casa del Monte


  • Casa del Monte

    • Town: San Andrés y Sauces
    • Description: Most users of this recreation area use it as a starting point for a visit to the Marcos y Cordero Springs.
      The house after which the area is named is part of the pumping station for extracting suberranean waters, like the canal that can still be seen. When you get to the recreation area, at an altitude of 1,300 metres above sea level, you have broken the back of the climb to the Springs, which are an easy hour and a half away along the track.
    • Access: To get to Casa del Monte, you should use a 4×4, and it is advisable to come in summer. The forestry track, about 12 kilometres long, leaves from the village of Las Lomadas. Hikers can also use the PR LP6 route, which will take them to the recreation area after a steep 3 and a half hour climb.
    • Facilities: Drinking water, barbecue, benches, there are no toilets. Important: There are no garbage containers.
    • Accommodation: Free
    • Permit/Authorisation: No