Llano del Lance

  • Llano del Lance

    • Town: Tijarafe
    • Description: Llano del Lance is a leisure area specially adapted for the disabled. All services (toilets, tables, huts, environmental information point, etc.) are linked to each other via small pathways without barriers. This area enables visitors to learn about the higher medium-altitude zones on the sheltered side of La Palma, where pine forests are interspersed with farmland. Of particular interest are the terraces where vines are grown, the most common crop in this part of the island.
    • Access: The access drive leads off the main road just before the Barranco de Garome ravine (about 10 minutes by car from the road). If coming via the Traviesa path (PRLP10), walk down to just below the Tinizara hut.
    • Facilities: Specially adapted for the disabled, parking area, water, toilets, cooking facilities, huts, benches, children’s playground, environmental information point, self-guided walks.
    • Accommodation: Free
    • Permit/Authorisation: No