Las Mimbreras

  • Las Mimbreras

    • Town: Barlovento
    • Description: It is fairly close to La Laguna de Barlovento (with its own recreation area, which is more accessible but also busier). There is a local trail close by, which, in turn, leads to the village of La Palmita , on the Island Tour trail GR 130. There is plenty of drinking water from a fountain on the edge of the forestry track.
    • Access: Use the access track to Laguna de Barlovento, which leaves the LP-1 ring road a few hundred metres from the centre of Barlovento. Before reaching the reservoir, there is a asphalted lane leading off to the right, which leads to Las Mimbreras, about a kilometre away.
    • Facilities: Drinking water, barbecue, sinks, barbecue huts, benches and toilets.
    • Accommodation: Free
    • Permit/Authorisation: No