Montaña La Breña

  • Montaña La Breña

    • Town: Breña Baja
    • Description: This volcanic crater is 565 metres above sea level. It is the only significant elevation in this foothill landscap of farmland and residential areas.
      At the highest point, next to the geodesic apex, there is a look out spot offering views of the municipalities of Breña Alta, Breña Baja and Villa de Mazo. The few pine trees that you can see in the area are the survivors of previous replanting programmes, although there are still some remaining vegetation in the areas least affected by man.
    • Access: The LP-1 road runs just to the east of the Mountain. Access from the road is along a turn off that is scarcely two kilometres long. The recreation area is part of the “Gran Recorrido” trail GR 130 (Island Tour). In fact, it is the highest point of the stretch between here and Santa Cruz de La Palma.
    • Facilities: Drinking water, barbecue, benches, toilets, children’s playground, oven, park rangers’ house.
    • Accommodation: Free
    • Permit/Authorisation: No