Mirador de Los Andenes


  • R. Muchachos – Los Andenes look out point

    • Time : 1 hour (one way)
    •  Dificultad: Low 
    • Warning: This route goes along an area located at high points and peaks. Therefore, it is necessary to take some warm clothes with you as well as to take special care with solar radiations.
    • Description: Both, the starting and the finishing points of this route are located not far from the road climbing up to the Roque de los Muchachos Astrophysics Observatory. The climb/descent, for this route, is downhill on the way there and uphill on the way back, but the climb is no more than 200 metres and it is all above an altitude of 2,000 metres . We start in the general car park, where the road ends. On a clear day, from here, you can see the other three islands of the province (El Hierro, La Gomera and Tenerife ). As we advance, we approach the western walls of La Caldera , which we get a bird’s eye view of, overlooking Los Cantos and El Ataud ravines.

      The cedar trees, brooms and La Palma violets are some of the few survivors that have managed to adapt to this extremely hostile environment.A little further on, we come across what is know as La Pared de Roberto, which, according to legend, was sculpted by the Devil. At the Los Andenes Look Out, where we come back to the road, you get an unreal feeling of floating. The path runs along the whole mountainous rim of the National Park to La Punta de Los Roques refuge in a walk that takes about five hours.