Download file: GR1303.gpx
  • DISTANCE: 28.50 Kms
  • DIFFICULTY: Although the distance may appear short on the map, the considerable frequent changes in height entailed in crossing the successive ravines make this an extremely hard, demanding stage. Nevertheless, a stop can be made at any of the small settlements found along the way.
  • NATURE RESERVES WITHIN THE TRAIL: Reserva Natural Especial de Guelguén.
  • RECOMMENDED TIME OF THE YEAR: All year round, but avoid rainy days and bad weather in winter.
  • GETTING TO THE TRAIL: There is a bus service, but the frequency and times make it of little use to hikers. A previously-booked taxi is the best option.
  • BASIC RECOMMENDATIONS: Habitual precautions common to hiking in general are listed below. At the risk of sounding obvious, here are some of the most important:

    • Check weather forecasts before setting off to hike.
    • Don´t go alone.
    • Tell someone your intended destination and expected time of arrival.
    • Carry a small rucksack with warm clothing, waterproofs, food and plenty of water. 
    • Don´t forget such simple items as: sun hat, protective cream and sun glasses.
    • Carry a mobile phone with fully-charged battery, a map and, if possible, a compass. They will probably never be used but, when required, are of vital importance.
    • Wear suitable gear, especially footwear: trekking boots or similar are essential, trainers or pumps are to be avoided, habitual precautions common to hiking in general are listed below.