Download file: PRLP1000.gpx
  • Point de départ: La Mata, Garafía
  • Point d’arrivée: Hoya Grande viewpoint or Torre del Time (GR 131)
  • Niveau de difficulté: Moyen. The length of the path and the lack of inhabited areas along the route are the main difficulty. The path makes for easy going, a large part of it is on tracks but, despite staying roughly at the same height, the constant uphill and downhill sections amount to a large height difference overall and thus make the walk strenuous.
  • Distance totale: 31.3 kms.
  • Dénivelée positive: 750 mt.
  • Dénivelée négative: 790 mt.
  • Durée prévue (aller): 08:00 hrs.
  • Durée prévue (retour): – hrs.
  • Période Recommendée: All year round.
  • Comment arriver au départ?: There is a bus service with a fairly complicated timetable which may fail to meet the requirements of walkers.
  • Recommandations: Habitual precautions common to hiking in general are listed below. At the risk of sounding obvious, here are some of the most important:
    • Check weather forecasts before setting off to hike.
    • Don´t go alone
    • Tell someone your intended destination and expected time of arrival
    • Carry a small rucksack with warm clothing, waterproofs, food and plenty of water.
    • Don´t forget such simple items as: sun hat, protective cream and sun glasses.
    • Carry a mobile phone with fully-charged battery, a map and, if possible, a compass. They will probably never be used but, when required, are of vital importance.
    • Wear suitable gear, especially footwear: trekking boots or similar are essential, trainers or pumps are to be avoided.
  • Autres remarques: The route should be carefully studied beforehand, to adapt it to the physical fitness of each group and thus be in a position to abandon La Traviesa via any of its various descent routes towards nearby settlements, should the need arise.
    • 1.- La Mata – Montaña de Las Tricias (2h 15min) – Las Tricias via the SL VG 55 path (3h 30min)
    • 2.- La Mata – junction with the PR LP 11 path (3h 30min) – Puntagorda (4h 45min)
    • 3.- La Mata – Tinizara refuge hut (4h 00min) – Tinizara via the PR LP 12.1 path (5h 15min)
    • 4.- La Mata – junction with the PR LP 12 (5h 30min) – Tijarafe (6h 30min)
    • 5.- La Mata – Cruz del Llano (7h 15min) – Tijarafe via the SL TJ 71 path (8h 15min)
    • 6.- La Mata – Mirador de Hoya Grande (8h 00min) – Mirador del Time via the GR 131 path (9h 30min), which would be the full length of La Traviesa.