Download file: PRLP0900.gpx
  • Point de départ: Los Andenes, start of the track to Gallegos
  • Point d’arrivée: Santo Domingo, Garafía
  • Niveau de difficulté: Moyen. The length and considerable height difference of this hike make it physically demanding. However, from Roque del Faro, the route runs through inhabited areas, making withdrawal possible at any time. Beware of snow in the high zone
  • Distance totale: 27.5 kms.
  • Dénivelée positive: 150 mt.
  • Dénivelée négative: 2210 mt.
  • Durée prévue (aller): 06:45 hrs.
  • Durée prévue (retour): 08:00 hrs.
  • Réserves naturelles dans le randonnée: Reserva Natural Integral del Pinar de Garafía.
  • Période Recommendée: Any time of year. Be prepared for snow in winter.
  • Comment arriver au départ?: By road, with a private vehicle or taxi.
  • Recommandations: Habitual precautions common to hiking in general are listed below. At the risk of sounding obvious, here are some of the most important:
    • Check weather forecasts before setting off to hike.
    • Don´t go alone
    • Tell someone your intended destination and expected time of arrival
    • Carry a small rucksack with warm clothing, waterproofs, food and plenty of water.
    • Don´t forget such simple items as: sun hat, protective cream and sun glasses.
    • Carry a mobile phone with fully-charged battery, a map and, if possible, a compass. They will probably never be used but, when required, are of vital importance.
    • Wear suitable gear, especially footwear: trekking boots or similar are essential, trainers or pumps are to be avoided.
  • Autres remarques: The path crosses the Garafía Pine Forest Integral Nature reserve, the highest category of protection for a natural area. It is essential not to leave the path under any circumstance until the bed of the Barranco de los Hombres ravine [1,140m] has been reached. It is a long, solitary route, especially in the high zone. In case of snow in the high zone, it is advisable not to attempt the route. Physically less fit hikers usually divide the hike in two, with a stop at Roque del Faro. There are also hikers who link the highest peak on La Palma, Roque de los Muchachos, with the sea. To do so, the GR 131 is followed from the Roque for one hour to its junction with the PR LP 9 path, which is descended to Roque del Faro. Then, descent is continued along the PR LP 9.1 to El Tablado and on to Franceses (east). The path leads to Fajana de Franceses, at the edge of the sea, after a descent of over 2,400m.