Caldera de Taburiente


  • Caldera de Taburiente

    • Description: If you have time, it is worth spending at least one night here to discover the spectacular erosion crate that we call La Caldera de Taburiente National Park in depth. At the foot of Roque Salvaje, on the left bank of what is known as Playa de Taburiente, there is a 15,000 square metre camping area. Even if you do not want to spend the night, you can come and go on the same day without a permit. For further information on the area, go to our special section devoted to La Caldera.
    • Access: Although there are three different points of access, they all include a walk. The easiest option is along the track from Los Brecitos (1 hour in 4×4 taxi or private car + 1 hour on foot). The most demanding options are the ones that set out from the bottom of El Barranco de Las Angustias (about 5 hours on foot from Los Llanos de Aridane) and from La Cumbrecita (5 to 6 hours on foot, from the end of the El Paso road).
    • Facilities: Drinking water, toilets.
    • Accommodation: Free (Permission with 15 days of advance)
    • Overnight stays?: Yes
      La Caldera de Taburiente National Park (Visitors’ Centre (Kilometre 20.500 on the LP-3 main road, in the municipality of El Paso ) – Telephone: 922 922 280).