Route Joëlette 4: National Park Visitor Centre – Pino de La Virgen

ROUTE JOËLETTE 4:  National Park Visitor Centre – Pino de La Virgen

  • Point de départ : National Park Visitor Centre
  • Point d’arrivée: National Park Visitor Centre
  • Niveau de difficulté: Faible (enfants et troisième âge)
  • Distance totale: 4.5 kms.
  • Dénivelée positive: 0 mt.
  • Dénivelée négative: 0 mt.
  • Durée prévue (aller): 02:00 hrs.
  • Durée prévue (retour): hrs.
  • Rundweg
  • BASIC RECOMMENDATIONS: For a correct use of the joëlette without monitor, it is necessary to have taken part in a training course, also it is essential to continue scrupulously the indications of the circuits adapted for the joëlette. Always go out with a sufficient number of friends. It is suitable that there are at least 3 or 4 « standing » accompanists for joëlette. On having chosen a circuit, be careful that each of the participants knows well the difficulty and the duration of the exit. The passenger has to always have position the safety belt. Its feet must be fastened. It is possible to propose the use of a helmet to him. When the passenger is installed, although the joëlette is resting in its paws, it is necessary that someone maintains the stability to avoid falls. The foreleg comes out first, and then the rear paws. When we stop we do it the other way round. These operations are carried out jointly by two pilots to assure the stability. The front pilot takes charge of the direction and of the haulage The rear pilot takes charge of the balance and of the brake. The balance forward / behind is the key of the good march of the joëlette and of the coexistence of the group. The lever of the rear arms allows to regulate it. If the slope rises, it is necessary to lower the lever. If the slope goes down, it is necessary to raise the lever. In case of strong earring in increase, it is possible to use the attached rope so that a partner helps to the haulage of the joëlette.


  • REMARKS: The trip that we propose goes out of the visitors’ Center Parque Nacional La Caldera de Taburiente. LP continues a stretch of the PR 13. 3 and of the PR LP 1, as well as not signposted tracks.