Walking Festival La Palma

Hiking, as well as being a sport, is the formula for introducing people to the natural environment, and acquainting them with their surroundings through heritage and ethnographic elements. On La Palma, the latter form part of the history, identity and collective heritage of the island.

We are therefore dealing with a resource of priceless value which the Government of La Palma has recognised the worth of and has developed, through the equipping, rehabilitation and thematization of paths, and of the ancient communication routes at island level. In this way, an approach is provided for both the local population and for those who visit the island.

Our island, with its impressive landscapes, its sky, and its extensive network of hiking paths stands out as a privileged location for practising all kinds of outdoor sports and leisure activities, the whole year round – activities of the type that this Festival aims to promote. It is precisely the variety of landscapes and the natural wealth of La Palma which constitute the island’s unique beauty, and its irresistible power of attraction.

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Augusto 2015