La Desfondada


  • Camping Area – La Desfondada (up)

    • Time:  2 hours (one way)
    • Difficulty: medium (not recommended for those afraid of heights)
    • Description: The route begins with a steep climb up to the Roque Huso, right next to the Taburiente ravine, on the other side from the camp site. From here, you can get a stunning view of La Caldera, with Pico Bejenado and the area around the beach. Looking North, you can also see where the ravine branches (the head of Barranco de Las Verduras de Alfonso on the right, and the Barranco de Los Cantos de Turugumay to the left). This rugged terrain is ideal for rock plants like houseleeks, candle plants, carline thistles, etc. We gradually leave the Roque below us as we climb above Los Cantos ravine to the spectacular La Desfondada look out point. This is the name of the spectacular waterfall. Although there is not much water, the drop is breathtaking.

      At this point, you can follow th path to the Hoyo Verde ravine (about 45-minutes away, through the Siete Fuentes pine forest). After the steep climb, however, most hikers put an end to the excursion and return to the camp site. You can also see La Desfondada from below, turning left in the Cantos de Turugumay ravine bed. This is somewhat less spectacular, but much easier.