Centro de Visitantes Fuencaliente


  • Centro de visitantes Fuencaliente

    • Municipio: Fuencaliente
    • Descripción: The crater of the 1677 eruption, included in the installations of the Centre, is the ideal setting for explaining the major volcanic activity in La Palma in general and in Cumbre Vieja in particular.
      This is the ideal spot to find out about the history of volcanic activity on La Palma . The facilities have a projection room (in five languages) seismographs, bar cafeteria and a full exhibition of educational panels, with diagrams and aerial photographs of the island. You can round off your visit with a walk along the rim of the crater of the San Antonio volcano that was formed by the eruption of 1677.
    • Acceso: It is located on the outskirts of the town of Los Canarios, in Fuencaliente, on the road to Las Indias. The silhouette of Sant Antonio, right next to the centre, makes it impossible to miss.
    • Price: On payment